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Our Vision:

Caspian Trading Company, Inc., employees are experienced professional who specialize in their field. Whether in processing, sourcing, transportation or marketing our staff are well trained and informed of the latest technology, market and business trends. This enabled them to provide our clients with quality products at most competitive prices that are delivered on scheduled. More importantly, we stand behind our products and service to assure continues consumer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our Goals:

To provide our clients with quality products and services at most competitive prices and to assure them of continues support through guarantee in quality, price and service. Through these efforts we would like to become the most innovative and successful organization in our field. By remaining true to our principles, we hope to serve our clients to best of our ability and in the process develop a long lasting mutually beneficial business relationship.

Caspian Trading Company, Inc., seeks to be a key player in product procurement, processing, and delivery. Since our establishment in 1986, we continue to strive and further strengthen our network of suppliers and customers by building stronger and more reliable relationships by:


  • Assuring satisfaction of our traditional and new sources of supply
  • Processing quality products that are prepared under highest industry standards
  • Using the latest available technology
  • Making on time and as per schedule delivery
  • Providing cost effective solutions to our customer’s products and delivery needs
  • Discovering and offering new products and services
  • Standing behind our product and guarantying our customers total satisfaction
  • Continuously strive to exceeds our clients expectations

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The keys to

our success are:



  • Thorough understanding of our clients’ needs
  • In-depth knowledge of our markets
  • Truly personalized and customized service
  • Continues improvements in our business practices
  • Adherence to the highest business ethics and confidentiality standards

Tel: 1.480.967.3454

Address: P.O.Box 400  •  Tempe, AZ 85280, USA

info@caspiantrading.net  •  www.caspiantrading.net